Saturday, June 27, 2009

A date with Cole

After a concentrated and busy work week in Springville -- where I sublet a room from Hannah and Canyon (my old condo) -- I was yearning for something fun to do. I had considered a road trip to Lakeland Colorado to see an AMA Motocross. I had purchased maps of the Paiute Trail, thinking motorcycle ride. Nothing was coming together, but then I heard that Cole was going to be in Southern Utah on Thursday!

I sneaked out of a meeting with the FAA on Thursday at noon, then headed South to see if, by chance, Cole could play. When I arrived in Santa Clara there he was! So, while Cole's Grandma went to book club and his parents did big people things, Cole and I went to work playing.
He first discovered the new/old cars and "people" I had pulled out of the storage room that Luke used to play with.
Then we put up the tent to see if it still worked.

Then he wondered if he could drive the go-kart. We spent the next hour cruising the neighborhood.
Once the sun went down we settled into "The Rescuers." It wasn't a long date, but it was "fun to do." Now I can stop yearning and move on to next week.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Dad, dad

Around this time (September 30, 1964) while dad was at Denver University working on another degree he took the time to pen a poem for me:

My Boy

My boy you are not old enough for a white shirt,
Long sleeves and a button down collar.
You are but six (for ever and ever!)
And keep always that smile – it is too alert and mischievous to be lost,
Like the wag of Abby’s Tail.

O shout now down the hall, from the nest of your covers, “Lay by me!”
I’ll hear it, Don’t Worry, Over Here. (I imagine it each night.)
And the mystery for we shall start as I lie by you in thoughts –
Wondering at the sweet intensity.

Now Hug Me! I command it!
Press to me your smallness, with blue sky, red bicycle, and me trotting along side.
And into the dark we shall tell stories and play games until you drift comfortably away.
Nate, our distance tells me what love is. DAD


After much contemplation, Clint decides to...
...climb a high mount in the North...
...then ask Cassie to marry him (pictures to come).

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Retro Touring Denver 1964

...Part of the summer of 1964 was spent in Denver where dad went to Denver University and worked on his Masters of Philosophy. The three boys participated in some sort of day camp. Each of us made friends – I have a picture of all six of us to prove it. One day on the sidewalk in front of the rented house we took turns jumping over a rope that two of us held. When it was my turn to jump Jeff and Linc lifted the rope so I tripped and fell on the sidewalk. The result was a trip to the emergency room with a broken arm. I was sure they lifted the rope to trip me but they vigorously denied it! Our stay in Denver was cut short; mom said that dad was not able to concentrate with all of us around. The drive back over the Rockies was eventful. Mom made us all take some brown pills given to her by a nurse to help with the drive. I’m not sure what they were supposed to help with, but before we reached Loveland Pass all boys had “tossed their cookies” both inside and outside the car...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shauna tours with Melon for 30 years

So young, so happy, so full of dreams..., last Tuesday Shauna and I decided to meet for lunch in celebration of 30 years together. That may seem a little understated -- but, it also seems about right.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Los Hermanos

OK, you've seen these 3 yahoos before on this blog, but... ...can you match them up with this more current image?
Yes, that's Stinkin', Melon, and Jumpin' Jack Banana.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Melon Tours Nevada

Last Thursday my wife and I boarded an airplane and flew to Oakland. "Hanyon" picked us up and we promptly went for burgers and shakes at the famous Val's.We stayed at their first home and helped them with their move to Utah by renting a truck, cleaning, and packing the truck to the very brim.We lent moral support while Hanyon said good bye to many dear Livermorians. I'll bet that Hanyon will miss these nieces and nephews...

...and these.
Hanyon also has older friends.
The tour to Provo was a bit long. But Shauna enjoyed my comentary about the Great Basin Desert. This made the trip quite enjoyable as you can imagine.