Monday, August 24, 2009

Melon tours Red Budd

Red Budd, Maryland, home of AMA Pro Motocross near Ben's place and some work at Dulles Intl Airport This motocross race fan and motorcycle rider and my brother Ben fiddling with a small electronic device

jpg" border=0>The Wal-mart smiley face umbrellas saved us from becoming drenched during the second 250 moto -- local Rupert Idahoan Jake Weimer won that mudfest in front of Aussie Metcalf and Frenchie Pourcel. Aussie Chad Reed won the 450 championship. This is him in a blurr.
Ben and I stayed in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia and did the walking tour of this civil war town...

While doing time at Dulles I visited the new Udvar-Hazy sponsored Air & Space Museum. There were lots of cool planes -- such notables as the Concord, the USS Enterprise (space shuttle, not Starship), the Enola Gay B-29 flying fortress along with these 2 space craft, can you name them?

If you get these two right, you will get a prize!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Touring Bear lake!

Touring in the back of a pickup is the ultimate in freedom. Cole was not allowed so much freedom...
but, as you can see, he enjoyed his car seat.
He was also confined to this sand car you see him driving courtesy of uncles and aunts (to be too)
The "surreys" provided a little respite from 3 squares a day.
I loved how most of the boats were launched with vintage International, Chalmers, and Deere tractors all over the lake.
Canyon braved the frigid waters and skiied for us
What? Not everyone was happy? We now have Hayley living downstairs, lucky us!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Touring Northern Utah!

My pretty little wife and I went to "The Spoken Word" today before attending Church in the Joseph Smith Building along with new Elders Sitaki and Gibbons (from Kenya and Texas respectively).We were keeping a keen eye out for my cousin Aaron Dalton but think that he must have taken this Sunday off. In the middle of the MoTabs was "The National Youth Choir of Great Britain." It was very nice.
At the drive in theatre with Cole and mom. Cole's way to watch a movie is to stay very busy rearranging pillows, sleeping bags, cars, treats, and such -- with the ocassional glance at the picture screen if something interesting is happening.
I'm trying to transition from riding in the desert to riding in the Wasatch Mountains. And, it is not easy! The Uintah National Forest was very kind to set aside some trails specifically for motorcycles (no four-wheelers). I am thinking it was just a trick to keep some of these trails from disappearing altogether. They are either straight up or down and are plenty over grown so that big rocks hide in wait to kick you off your bike and throw you on to your head 20 feet down a hill. The views are spectacular, but don't look!
Maybe I shouldn't try to get used to Northern Utah as our town house has still not closed. It seems that the lending agencies don't really want to lend money. They have found less risky sources of revenue -- grants from the federal government.