Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hamburger Nachdenken

Hallo und auf Wiedersehen von Hamburg

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Melone bereist Deutschland

Me in Munich in front of some elegant Munich edifice.
The Bradfords -- Dalton, Luc, Melissa, and Randall -- picked me up from the Munich Airport and took care of me for almost 2 days. They put me up in their classic German home, fed me, took me for a walk, and took me to Oktoberfest (pictured here).
It was a first Oktoberfest for these boys as well. Generally not a family celebration, there were many rides for kids to take advantage of, and they did.
This is the activity most were engaged in. This carosel barely moved, and it was a good thing since most aboard had been drinking ale for hours.

This was the last ride that Luc and Dalton took in. They look happy enough getting on...

But, it proved to be one too many as both eventually lost their cookies.

I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with the Bradfords, and listening to them converse.

Luc is 9 years old, Dalton is 14, Clair is a Freshman at BYU, and Parker passed away July 2007 as you can see by this memorial bench in the Central Park in Munich.

Monday, September 14, 2009

C&C Wedding

Clint and Cassie made for a concentrated week of wedding activities. Early in the week we went with Cassie to the Draper Temple for her first time in. It was beautiful. There was a bridal shower and a bachelor party later on Wednesday. I found that I was invited to neither. I guess Cole wasn't either so he came and we watched a movie and messed around together. I came up with few pictures on Friday, the wedding day. And what I came up with was not great. I was busy with family and the all day affair. I hope the professional picture guy comes up with some good stuff. It was a great day brought to us by Clint, Cassie, the Wayt's, Shauna, and many helpers who truely must love C&C.
These were very cute kids. Cole actually had a pair of black pants and suspenders, but he simply could not stand them. I guess they were not comfortable and could not be accomodated. Even Luke had black pants and suspenders though.