Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cookie Snow Monster

From a snowy winter in Northern Utah many years ago...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tis the season!

I can't wait to get together with these fun loving kids over the holidays!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Great's Grandpa Johnson

In 1875 Grandpa Aaron Johnson Jr., at the age of 25, packed up his family and headed from Springville to Sunset Crossing on the Little Colorado River in Arizona to "make that locality bloom and blossom as the rose." Friday, Linc and I took my pickup and we headed to Kanab. From there we took the "Old Arizona Road" trail that AJ's company took over the Buckskin Mountains to House Rock Valley then on to Lee's Ferry. Here Linc is on top of the Buckskin Mtns. It took AJ's company 7 days to get over it in snow and mud. They had to put one ox down.
The trail we took was first used by Native Americans. They led Dominquez and Escalante down it before bolting. Eventually Jacob Hamlin and other pioneers used this route for colonization of Arizona. We also stopped and had lunch where the California Condor's are established on the Vermillion Cliffs. We saw a bunch of them from afar.

Old parts of a boiler once on a barge used for gold digging. AJ's company was ferried across the Colorado on a barge. He and Louisa lost their 2-year old girl "beautiful Winifred" on this trip. Mrs. Lee at the ferry helped them prepare for burial.

We found this marker with only W.J. inscribed on it. Could it be?

"Closed - but for a time - are Winnifred's eyes: Night and day - it seems for me - she cries!

I seem to hear her voice, above the river's roar - pleading with me, to visit her resting place once more!

At the Ferry of John D. Lee, where the muddy Colorado rushes toward the Sea!" Aaron Johnson, Jr.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

College Football

This guy seems to get it. I am suffering from too much BCS analysis! Never before have I been so involved. Shauna seems a little obsessed with it. She says she's glad that she dosen't drink. I probably am too.

While organizing the photos on my E drive I came upon some misc pics. I would like this airplane back!

How's this for a first date? She's not far from this.

I miss this girl. I remember taking her for this photo sitting. It's not the photo quality that her subsequent wedding photos are. But it's still her and I like it.
I'm working on some other old photo stuff so stay tuned. But, perhaps the best to come will be in writing... (probably not in music)

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I'm basking in the heat of the sun as it shines through my window. I wouldn't trade this "St. George summer sun spending the winter" for much right now. The scenary is the same as from decades ago, and while I can remember, the memories are like a dream.

Red Cliffs is the same. Cole strolled up the path keeping a close eye on where he stepped, sidestepping each small rock (although not so small to him). Surprisingly, the whole crowd was content to meander along at his pace. A child commands the attention of all the adults even when (and maybe especially when) he is in his own.

The Atkins in Pine Valley provided extremely comfortable food on Thanksgiving. The company was also easy and comfortable -- Kelly, Trevor, Jared provided unaffected conversation. Clint and I took a nice ride through Snow Canyon in the drizzle and low clouds. He got me going on this blog.

Hayley got a haircut. It turned out quite nice, but what would I know about that? Luke, Ashlie, and Cole bring not only Cole to the house, but also the yearning to socialize and party with friends on a Saturday night.

I miss Hannah (and Canyon). The pre-holiday thanksgiving is just a warm up for Christmas when we can do it all again.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Good for You