Sunday, April 25, 2010

MRO (Foenix For Fun)

Last Monday I headed to Phoenix for an industry exhibition (The MRO Americas) at the new convention center downtown. I first golfed in a tournament at the Biltmore. It was a best ball scramble and our 4-some hit 14 under par! I contributed about... nothing to the score. Here is our landing craft/booth thing. All these dudes are Wencor guys buying, selling, doing deals, acting important in their "monkey suits" (after hours we heard a tour guide tell a group of school kids that if they stayed in school they could wear monkey suits like these people).
Unlike the golf, not all was hard work. Here, all these yahoos are having fun at Wencor's expense -- we sponsored a suite and watched the Kansas City Cardinals beat the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. It was a game in the 8th inning though!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Runnin' (& walkin' & now sittin') a 5 K with Han and Can

Runnin' (& watchin') with Clint n Cass n Sabrina
Runnin' & walkin' a half marathon with Hay (yes, a half marathon with Hay!)
Runnin' & walkin' 13 miles (OK walkin' & finishin') with Shauna
Runnin' & walkin' & stoppin' & smilin' with sisters
All the Balls runnin' in transition

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Melon's Easter

I had an epiphany of sorts as I listened with Luke and Clint to Elder Uchtdorf’s words on "Patience" during the Priesthood session. It was not only the content of his talk that impressed, but also his perspective on The Church and The Gospel having grown up in a war torn Europe. Truly his life’s experience reflects a different view than my traditional Americana picture. This gave me a new appreciation for diversity of experience while finding universal comfort in the applicable consistency of The Gospel of Jesus Christ across the Earth and to all of God’s children.