Sunday, June 26, 2011

Father Melon

Here's a picture of me mindlessly enjoying Father's Day -- special greeting card (wife), downing yummy chicken enchiladas and rice crispy treats (Hanyon), with the added encouragement and humoring from Luke/Hayley, and in my new grey sporty shirt (Clint/Cassie).

Antelope Island Cuties.  Hayley is busy checking off her bucket list.  Can you believe that on that list was camping on Antelope Island with Bison, mosquitoes, and biting gnats?  Also swimming in the Great Salt Lake with Brine Shrimp?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Max, Mavericks & Melon

Eight days of Cole and Max!  What do you hear about being a grandparent?  It's great, spoil them and send them home!  But, what if you can't send them home?  Luke and Ashlie spent a week boating in the Caribbean.  Shauna must be completely worn out (she doesn't know it yet).  But, it provided plenty of moments for me to play with Cole.

Mavericks Win!