Monday, January 31, 2011

Melon clues

From whence came this spectacle?

I'm looking forward to Ground Hog Day!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

DC Melon

Last week I found myself in DC at an industry trade association for which I am a board member.  It was very cold but the trip was easy and without stress.  Work has become very ambiguous and I find myself looking inward at the company more than outward to the customers.  This is a bad thing, but a thing that happens all too often.  Anyway, while in DC I stopped by the Air and Space Museum on the Mall.  While I was pondering this old 20 something cylinder radial behemoth I saw myself in it.  Can you find me?

Another of the interesting moments was when I was looking at the Air - Sea exhibit I saw the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier.  This is the ship that Ben is on right now heading to the Persian Gulf.  I wonder what that is like?

This strange little airplane was in the Great War Exhibit (a new one worth seeing).  The Germans apparently figured out how to shoot large caliber bullets out the front of the airplane without destroying the propeller (by a shaft that synchronises the shots with the prop revolution), but we (US, Brits, French, etc.) first just put the engine in the back so you could shoot out the front.

Some of the exhibits are getting very old there.  But, some are new and very interesting.  Some new exhibits about beyond earth, telescopes, and the digital age made the traditional notion of just flying around in our atmosphere and blasting to the moon as "air and space"  quite antiquated.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Melon January

Utah deep freeze, I-15 construction, corporate consolidation, back ache... What to do??? -- have Vince come over!

Vince (with some minor help from Grandma) paid tribute to his cousins -- Cole with a "Q", Max D, BoP, and himself with one N -- Go Vinny!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Touring the Holidays

my holiday hayley...

before heading south Bo and I watched some football which made him happy

Christmas Eve at Linc & Cindy's -- friends, family, fun & games

Christmas breakfast a la canyon before the gifts arrived

Atkin party -- all the principles -- Kelly's head swivels automatically to any camera

Vince showed for the Atkin party -- always up for a good time

at motel in Livermore -- sadly we left Bo, Hannah, & Canyon there