Saturday, October 31, 2009

Melon tours NBAA

Once again I was forced to attend the National Business Aviation Association Trade Show. I will spare you our booth -- you've seen it before. But, for those interested, this was the nicest "head of state" jet at the show. It is based on an Airbus 318 and is quite comfortable inside. What about this green Dornier 328?
While in Pine Valley a little while ago I think Brad, Kelly, and I were outside and heard, what I thought was, a loud sport bike coming up the road. But it turned out to be one of these, based at the St. George airport -- an Avanti.
Some have asked, why doesn't Honda make a jet? Well, here's their entrant into the very light jet (VLJ) market.
Ho Hum.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mad Max!

Max is here and wired. He cried and whined and moved around. Luke changed his diaper -- a challenge amongst all the attachments.
Satuday we went to Sundance, Can, Han, and their friends Brian, Sara, and William rode the chair lift behind us.

Cole and his grandma enjoyed the "big swing."

Cole seemed to like his trip down the mountain on my back -- I can feel it now.

The Hanyon on the mountain.

Cole enjoying his extended vacation.