Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Melon's Father's Day Homecoming

On Father's Day Ben and Drake put me on a train in Fredricksburg (after almost getting ran over by a huge freight train) and I chugged up the coast through Quantico, DC, and various towns then boarded a plane to SLC in Baltimore. After a long day I arrived back at the townhouse about 6:00 only to find all the grands and all the kids (minus Hayley).  Clint had the place full of smoke and smelling of fried fish.

So, these kids fed me baja fish tacos, chips and salsa fresco, brownies, home made ice cream and watermelon.  Thanks to Clint, Cassie, Luke, Ashlie, Hannah, Canyon.  It seems we had a very nice time -- eating, socializing, playing in the sprinklers, and catching bees.

Bo was first to get soaked in the "walo."  Max, Vince, and Cole were quick to follow.  Although Cole was mostly busy catching bees.

Once the parents lost track of the children (talking among themselves)...

The clothes came off

Monday, June 18, 2012

Melon's Moto-X Moment

When I arrived into the Norfolk Airport I was greeted by Zoa and Ben with this sign! I've come a long way since Jeff and Linc made a similar sign that said, "We hate Nate!"

So, they took me to their home in Suffolk where Zoa and I jumped on the tramp out back and  had a little uncle/niece talk about stuff like losing your stomach, the neighbors, the fuddy duddy mom and dad...  Then we went for a walk in the woods and picked up a few ticks.  Zoa stepped through a little hole in a wood bridge and skinned her shin -- ouch!

While Drake was at a triple A baseball game (where the Toledo Mud Hens beat the Norfolk Tide) the rest of us went out to eat.

Walking into the Budd's Creek AMA National Motocross we came upon this nice 1969 CZ motocrosser -- those were the days.

Voila! Roger DeCoster! Still managing -- the KTM American Motocross team and current points leader -- Ryan Dungey.

As long as we kept Drake fed we all got along swimmingly! Great weather, racing, company, and food.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Melonapolis Toured

Relaxing in Minnehaha

Head waters of the Mississippi, locks, mills, cool

Aspen Grove -- reprised