Sunday, December 20, 2009

Touring Christmas

This must be the start of Shauna's Christmas. The townhouse, as you can see, is subtly decorated in order to ease into the season, without straining a muscle, or peaking too soon, say on December 23rd. Shauna is the master (mistress?).
She and Hayley left for Santa Clara today with a carload of Christmas fixins. I'll follow tomorrow -- working all the way!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Touring Christmas Season

This fine couple invited Shauna and me to watch The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The Orchestra at Temple Square, and The Bells on Temple Square present The Wondrous Gift of Christmas with special guests Natalie Cole and Michael McCullough (whew!). After eating the best pizza I have ever eaten -- Setobello pizza (my first time), we enjoyed the show immensely!

But, before we embarked on the previous, we headed to Brighton High School to watch some girls dance to Hayley's choreography. Don't these girls look like Christmas is happening?

Hard to see but this is Hayley directing her youngest quartet.

OK, not current, but Shauna and I headed to Sacrament meeting today at C&C's new ward where they were the featured speakers. They both spoke well, on prayer. Cassie said, "we have been married 3 months, and I've been pregnant half of that." She also said that Clint now wants to be called, "Atomic Mass Unit." Amu for short? Or some such thing, he'll have to explain.
Clint not only had great presence and delivery at the podium (aka Bob Dalton), but the content of his discourse was very insightful to boot.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sibling Dinner

As the sun set inside Clint's TV, Hayley gazed into Max's eyes, and I enjoyed getting invited to a sibling dinner. Max made the trek with his brother and parents to C&C's place. Here he tries very hard to focus on his grandpa's camera.

Cole had been looking forward, all day, to going to Clint's house to play. And play they did. Cole was single minded in his play with uncle clint.

Hanyon here relaxing in the twin lounge chairs.

C&C's place has been transformed from a man cave into a newlyweds retreat. Thanks for inviting me, thanks for the food, and thanks for being around.