Sunday, November 28, 2010

Melon's Thanksgiving

Grandma Atkin sponsored a comfort food Thanksgiving celebration like only she can.  We almost lost her to the fire-breathing oven that belched fire at Hannah last year.  Here she is, still a little dazed from the incident.  Her hair took on reddish tint and as it smoldered she set off the fire alarm.  When it happened I rushed into the kitchen while Grandpa and Trevor stayed glued to the football game.
Now in his 30th year of "toodle dums" Grandpa is still playing with grand babies
 On a brisk southern Utah day I waxed nostalgic and wandered into the desert only to find this huge structure in the distance apparently transplanted from some metropolitan area.
Vince is so serious at times.  Grandma dressed him to match her -- festive Thanksgiving brown.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What! Luke 30?

Stages of live crises and other ramblings
Where's Melon? (taking the picture), where's Vince?, Max? Hayley? (working).  Luke's got Bo.  Really, a son who is 30 and 4 grandchildren?  Look in the mirror.

Finally, the private equity investment group who owns the majority of X company hired a new CEO, CFO, CIO, C.... et. al.  Let the restructuring begin.  Melon's responsibilities were effectively severed into 3 separate positions.  Any position that has changed at least 25% will be opened up and must be applied for... hmmm. Maybe its time to start that brick/block baking business? 

Anyway, it is sure good to hear graciousness coming from kids in their blogs and lives.  To hear of their faith, commitment, good works, studies, and grace gives me quite a spiritual boost.  Gratitude: generosity of spirit with the capacity to accommodate and forgive people.

Did I mention Shauna?  Lately she has been keeping me occupied with Hale Center Theatre (Excellent Scarlett Pimpernel), BYU football (couple of nice blow outs), grand babies over on the weekend, and throwing big bash birthday parties.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fine Fellows

Bo and Vince, "good to meet you man"