Sunday, April 29, 2012

Life Can Be Scary

"It was during these early years that I was plagued with a reoccurring nightmare of a giant green, dinosaur-like serpent.  I had been enduring this for sometime (a week? a month?).  One day I determined that I would just take a knife and slay the beast and be done with it.  The next night, during the dream I did it.  And that was that.  I couldn’t abide scary movies – or the wicked witch of the west for that matter!  Life at night seemed like enough to handle.  One night I peered out my bedroom window to see if mom and dad were home by looking for the car in the driveway.  It wasn’t there so I went out and sat under the streetlight in the road until they came home.  On another occasion I did the same -- looked out for the car -- and once again it was not there.  This time I just went across the street knocked on the Campbell’s door and spent the night with them.  The next day I found out that mom and dad had been home -- the car had been at the mechanic’s shop."

Lost in Snow Canyon

Sunday, April 22, 2012


What if there were a post and no picture? Would it really be a post or just a blog?  And, would anybody pay attention?

Already getting toward the end of April. If I'm not careful I might jump ahead illogically and start thinking about Autumn and lose my Zen quality living.

This past week I did what I do (in the big world of doing deals in Aerospace) -- worked by day then ran-ate-slept by night. All, while Shauna went to Santa Clara with Ashlie, Cole, and Max.  this makes me anxious about living in a town house when I have a home in Santa Clara.

Linc, on the other hand, has a perfect life going on.  He has a swimming pool, a business, a dog, and his own garden.  He calls his own shots, and is his own man.  He has lots of friends on facebook.

What about facebook?  Shauna is now on face book lurking about keeping an eye on people.  I'm thinking about turning it around -- eventually start emailing people, then calling by telephone.  One step at a time. Once there, I could even get to seeing people face to face. It could happen, maybe.

So, on Thursday I scheduled myself in St. George (legitimately if anyone from Wencor is reading).  It is summer there and the yard looks pretty good (although I would like to do it myself and do it better).  On Friday I ran because my road bike has a broke spoke. My back is aching. I then went to lunch with people at SkyWest.  I always get a little notion about a business down South.  But, once I’m there I see the futility of it.

After a walk Saturday morning, Shauna, Max, and I headed back to Utah County.  I had not wanted to burn a Saturday just running around, but there I was.  We ate a burger in Fillmore before hitting Provo.  There we had to get Canyon’s passport and send it to him in Livermore -- he was relieved of his wallet in Northern California.  I dropped the passport at FedEx, my bike at the shop, Max at Vince's, and Shauna with the Element.

And, a picture for those who read to the end.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Melonites celebrate Easter

If a picture is worth a thousand words then this posting is valued at about 8,000 words already so I better stop typing right away and let the photos do all the talking while I go ahead and do something else because as they say a picture is worth a thousand words so...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Melomusings 1986-7

OK, before the old scans, Clint, Luke, and I had Tonyburgers then attended General Priesthood.  And, while this picture from my iPhone may not have been inspired, the messages from conference were. I certainly feel edified with renewed faith in Jesus Christ.

Now for the random old shots from 25+ years ago...

Cole-like Luke above and Bo-like Hannah below...

not quite sure if this is Vince-like.

In the old days while I went to work for days on end...

the wife held down the homestead.

With the realization that one must age, 1st birthday's are sometimes sad.