Friday, February 27, 2009

Mr. Melon goes to Washington

I first headed to the Treasury to make my mark on the country. I had big intentions but was stopped and told to stand by this huge medallion. So I did. In Lafayette Square just North of the White House many assembled to try to make statements. here is a sample of one group.
On Wisconsin Avenue I had a MARPA board meeting (see 14 CFR 21.303 for the meaning of this). I ran from the offices of Aviation Associates Group to The White House for some excercise -- good fun!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

El Presidente de Estaca

Hard to believe that this shirtless, mischievious 5-year old was last week called to be a Stake President in Arizona. However, I think his intentions in this photo are clear -- remove baby from horse! This is an interesting photo of Dr. Mclaren Ruesch surrounded by shadowy familiar characters -- including the new Stake President in the center and my wife lurking down below, right -- what is going on? (taken at emergency hospital in Tucson)

Here the tallest is the new Stake President surrounded by another familiar group early in his education at Dixie College (circa 1973). At that time he was a champion pancake eating/taco eating rebel (now redbull).

Monday, February 16, 2009

La Mision

In 1976 I headed to Argentina on a mission. While I had my challenges, I can't think of a more rewarding experience. Well, now that I think about it, maybe I can, but not many, for sure.

I pulled out all the old slides and while I scanned them in I revisited my mission tour and found myself wanting. I waxed a little nostalgic and so I threw a few up on the slideshow. I'm certain they would have less meaning for you. So, if you venture there (and I am not encouraging you to do so) don't blame me for wasted time while viewing my old mission slides.

Monday, February 9, 2009

First Child

Seeing all the photographs of Cole reminded me that even in 1980 we took a lot of pictures of the first child. Then they were slides -- but slides no more!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Melon tours Arizona

Work sent me to Arizona (sans camera) for a few days last week. Dilemma -- what to wear? Left SLC and 25 degrees, arrived PHX and 80 degrees! First stop Southwest Turbines. Met with metallurgist genius and talked about "hot gas path parts" and casting processes for 6 hours -- so fun but late for a very important date.

Planned to drive to Globe and check out where Jeff and Terri live, but found myself in West Phoenix at rush hour. Compromise -- met Jeff in Superior (where I once missed a fly ball in a little league all-star baseball game) -- had dinner at Los Hermanos -- same place did same thing 10 years ago? Pretty dang good food too.

Picked up a couple of Wencor guys at Skyharbor next day and headed to Falcon Field in Mesa for some meetings with airplane and helicopter people. Saw cool helicopters being rebuilt for ROK (Republic of Korea). Dropped Wencor people off at airport -- long day (for them). Sat by pool and read paper, dozed.

Thought about Tracy, Brad but they never respond to antiquated email address in computer. Next day ran 5 miles -- Papago Park and Rio Salado, love handles still intact. Met with old buddy VP engineering Wencor now at Able Engineering in South Phoenix. We looked at his cool lathes, mills, CAD plating, other airplane parts fixing stuff. Went to lunch at healthy, trendy, old pecan farm and ate outside -- perfect Phoenix winter day.

Went back to SLC and Cole's birthday party. He's got it together, says key words, loves cars, has lots of friends and toys.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lost happy photo

When searching for a "work" photograph I happened onto this merry trio. I don't recall the occasion but it must have been fun. In reality I usually have fun and am happiest when I'm... with people.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Economic Wizardry

The economy is trying to find equilibrium. After years of artificial and inflated spending and investing – buying homes, cars, vacations, etc on credit, the mass introduction of home flipping, day-trading, and other valueless contributions for pay; the economy is seeking peace and serenity. The artificial, superheated, no money down (no money required), live like there is no tomorrow, frenetic consumption of life has taken its toll and the economy is trying to right itself.

The problem is almost no one wants to let it. And why should we? We’ve gotten accustomed to it, we like it, and we deserve it.

So we must fight this economic tendency toward balance and find ways to support our hitherto mode of life. But, the American people have lost confidence in the system so investment capital and economic activity is too slow to support our wishes.

Who can save us from the insidious scales that balance the trade of goods and services which destroy life(styles)? Who can get us back to those nostalgic days of plenty?