Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tourning The Reef

The cool shade of ponderosa pines on boulder mountain.

Hannah taking Canyon to the heart of Utah's National Parks.

A hearty hannah and a casual canyon trek toward Hickman's Arch

under the arch

the vista toward fruta

see? Capitol Dome

see? Singletree Falls

an angle of repose

secret canyon of rock carving

a funny moment in the dark by a fire

seeing forward looking back

Canyon relegated to the back seat

Canyon relegated to the top


where's Walda?

Colorful Hayley

breaking the goblin

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grumpy Melon tours San Diego

Vacations are all about happy kids, not grumpy Grandpas.But, sometimes kids can be grumpy too. The new Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center was quite impressive -- Grumpy Grandpa William Huntington was in the movie, at Mount Pisgah.

Kids after the Padres dismantled the Mets on Memorial Day.

Grandma and Cole read the USA Today.

Not so grumpy tour guide in her red car.

An Arizona Strip Cowboy on the La Jolla Beach.

The newly married Gordon and Sarah greet the Grumpy Gramdpa.

Dancin' without the kid's makes this couple happy.

Hmmm. Hard to read, grumpy or not so grumpy?

This couple had been married the longest -- 53 years, and look at those smiles!

Attending a wedding in a temple wrapped in scaffolding an hour late could make some people grumpy.
But this seems to cure even the worst case of grumps.