Sunday, November 27, 2011


Since the iPhone I have not been taking many pictures.  Also, I am not sure that "Melon Tours" really works any more (if it ever did).  Also, I don't know who the audience is here -- aside from my wife and a portion of our children.  So, this blog could get renamed to Melon Musings, which might just end up being some short cryptic blurb that emanates from me or my journal, like:

... Shauna and I are sitting on the deck writing in our journals with the sun beating down on us – it is very pleasant on this Sunday afternoon.  It has been a pretty good Thanksgiving holiday.  We went to Church in our old 10th Ward.  Sherri Wagner and Chris Durham spoke on gratitude, along with trials I guess – why do trials get talked about even when the topic is “be of good cheer?”  In High Priest quorum meeting I saw a lot of the old guard there.  Woody Wagner is now in the Stake Presidency with Presidents Frei and Ence.  Bishop North is driving trucks in North Dakota along with John Boyle and Ken Earl on contract for some oil hydraulic fracturing that’s going on there.  People are still struggling along – at least those that are still with us in quorum meeting...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Melon Smorgasborg

The little brothers

Falling for each other

A bunch of Daltons circa 1979

Linc being Ernest

Hands full

Hermana Dalton pre-Barcelona

A better shot of Mr. Penton

Pete & Clint w/same hairstyle

Linc hugging sisters

Luke now builds snowmen w/Cole

Super Chunk

Yikes! here we go again