Sunday, July 15, 2012

Melon in Londinium

Londinium is a great place. With a birthdate of 43 (or thereabouts) AD its got some history. Meet Matt (our purchasing guy), and my travelling companion for much of the melon tour.

Right after the melon tour arrived we were greeted by the cavalry at Trafalgar Square

Here you see St. Peter's from a side street coming from the west.

Here's what is left of a Roman turret on the earliest wall -- about 47AD.  Before the Romanizing? -- maybe rolling hills and a bunch of different tribes like the Trinovantes.

Here you see post-classical, neo-western civilization and the new Greco-Londinium tower bridge and it's Olympic-sized coat of arms!

Melon tour guide explaining about the east entrance to the Tower of London.

There has been a lot of rain in Southwest England.  Here Robert and I are returning from Bridport on the coast.

OK back to work -- with Tony Stark and the military contractors!

Can you see Big Ben back there?

Found a fabulous Pizza place called Haymarket -- or Hay! for short I guess

Here are the happy travelers somewhere in London.

Had lunch one day with a key supplier of parts in their chalet near the airplanes -- see rear of the A380.

Got into a bit of a bind -- needed Sherlock, but no one was home at 221 Baker Street, dang.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Melon's iPhone Quiz

Turns out that I just figured out how to download my iPhone photos to this computer.  It was not difficult but necessity is the mother of invention!  So, I thought I'd throw up... a couple of photographs (had you for a moment).  Plus, just to ensure that my readership has not tapered off since the last time I whined about it, I'll be asking some questions.  The person with the most right answers will win a $5.00 bill! Yes, you read that correctly -- $5.00!

In what building was the above photo taken?

Where was the above photo taken?

What do these 3 missionaries have in common?

Here's my Bad Brother Ben looking Bad at Budd's Creek. Who is sitting next to him?

So, I went right through Quantico on a train to Baltimore, which branch of the service trains the presidential helicopter squadron here?

This Congregational Church was once attended by George Washington and is the center piece of what New England town?

This is Shauna, my wife, at the end of one of her favorite hikes.  What is the name of these often visited Cascades?