Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just Glad To Be Here

We had a few Daltons and a few Prussos for Thanksgiving. The food was possibly the best ever. The company was very easy and relaxing -- the day passed quickly (dang!).
I miss the feeling of the desert and I'm not fond of the chilly breeze that comes off of Traverse Mountain, and I have no yard to putter in. But, the opportunity of hearing Hayley's profound thoughts and feelings as she spoke in her ward on gratitude, and the chance to be involved (even on the periphery) in her life, makes it worthwhile to be here.
I'm not fond of the daily hour drive in I15 traffic, nor do I like going to work before the sun comes up and leaving the office when the sun has gone down. But, seeing Clint and Cassie sporadically and witnessing the transformation of Clint's bachelor pad into a home (albeit green), as well as discussing The Fantastic Mr. Fox's idiosyncratic dialog with C&C, makes it worthwhile to be here.
I miss my KLX450R and S2000 which are holed up in my spacious garage in Santa Clara. I don't like the way the contractors fire tape the garages in Northern Utah and don't finish them and I don't like the permanent ice on the north side of our drive that probably won't disappear until May 21st. But, driving down today to hear Hannah and Canyon give talks in Church about Mathew 11:28-30, hearing the clarity in which Hannah related the spiritual to the physical, and hearing how Canyon expounded on these words makes it worthwhile to be here.
I'm tired of running and running without the break of riding my bicycle out to Kayenta, and doing it in the dark at 28 degrees, breathing inverted pollutants (not to mention the smell of the mink farm when I run by). But, a quick drive up to Luke's place to spend the evening driving small cars, building "temples," and watching movies -- as well as holding Max -- certainly makes it all worthwhile to be here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Luke 29 Max 1/12

Luke is eyeing the red velvet cupcakes that his mom made for his birthday. Luke was very deserving of these cupcakes on his 29th birthday, so responsible, such a good dad and husband.

Here's his mom operating in Ashlie's kitchen. She made to order dinner for Luke.

Cole has a lot of people who like him -- none more than this Grandma, and it seems the feeling is mutual.
And, Max is home getting fed, kissed on the head, sleep, and a whole lot of love.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A portent of things to come

While it has been very temperate, Saturday a blizzard rolled in. Work has also began to oppress the spirits -- 3 trips to LA in the past 2 weeks. Cole came to spend a couple of nights with us this past week and that was a treat. It's time to settle into little daylight, cold nights, and frozen doors. But, I do have a large TV and a fireplace inside...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The purpose of Melons?

This is a melon wrapped in an RSL scarf avoiding the direct sunlight. What type of melon? Some RLS fans. A goal in the 88th minute did the trick against the Crew -- a long time to wait for a score! Her are most of the gang (less Max, Cole, Luke) at Scaddy's. This is Wayne Scadlocks new restaurant in Salt Lake City -- my old Sunset Drive In partner.
Max checking out his mother.

Grandpa checking out his Max.