Sunday, September 22, 2013

Touring Far and Near

On September 19, from my yard, I saw this very full moon.
 So, I took a closer look. It was very bright.
 This is, I'm sure, the farthest thing I have ever taken a picture of. It's about 239K miles away so I couldn't have Shauna standing in the foreground.  She was fast asleep anyway.
 That same night I took a picture of this -- my foot.  It's about 24 inches away.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oh Winnipeg! (the tour)

"The Forks" The Red & Assiniboine Rivers

Downtown on the Red River

No arms

Saint Boniface Cathedral

Alloy Angel Tombstone

Controversial art -- what else!

conserving cemetery

I know who cut this down

Red River wildlife

Red River wildlife
cool bike trails

Fort Gibraltar

Red brick waterworks

Attention: Winnipeg, United States, and Mexico!!!