Sunday, March 25, 2012

Melon Week

My new hobby -- cooking.  My first entree -- Egg Chili Verde con Queso on Toast! 

My Mini Indy Week summarized -- Mr. Monopoly was protested as the 1 percent by a group of radicals who wouldn't be dispersed, even by a fake police guy.

It was all a little too forgettable, then the car took 3rd for the paint...

Perfect weather for race day, Mr. Monopoly took 2nd in the Daytona Class, so, pretty fun...

In the end, Mr. Monopoly was the Overall Grand Champion! (the biggest cup, a a big surprise). So, I guess it was a good week.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Melon's Bed

Well, with that scintillating title you can now see a very late model photograph of Shauna and me.  You'll notice that 2 prints from Argentina of gouchos hang above the bed.  I've had these for a long time but they had been collecting dust in the basement.  Yes, one lamp is sporting a cowboyish hat.  Shauna is talking on her phone with her sister.  I am feigning sleep, but just for a moment while the picture is taken.  For her age, her legs look fairly good.  And, from this distance it is hard to determine our exact ages.  All in all a good photo.

I can tell that I am a finisher of sorts.  It bugs me to have a blog that goes on for weeks without being updated.  I would prefer to have this nonsense of a posting as opposed to just letting the old one linger.  Brother Linc lets his go on and on without any shame of not being updated.  But, he also has dabbled in google circles and other social media.

In Church today a brother was giving a lesson  and he mentioned that he retired recently and that was the last thing I heard.  All I wanted to ask was how did you do that?  How much money does it take?  And, who gave you the right?