Sunday, August 25, 2013

Touring Ensign Peak

I noticed that one person came and read my blog! (hey Gordon) This is for you.

"High on the Mountain Top, a banner is unfurled..."  This is it, that mountain top where the banner was unfurled, and where the nations came and looked up!

So, shortly after JS was martyred, BY saw in a vision JS showing him a dome of a mountain with a multicolored banner at the top signaling for all the nations to come!

In 1847 BY saw the dome and recognized it from the vision and knew where he was.  From this peak he later waved a banner, affixed the temple's position, and laid out the city. (He did not see Shauna or this stack of rocks though).

Nor did he this, or did he?

Surely he did not see this!?

In 2008, when Elaine Dalton became the president of the Young Women, she took her counselors to the top of Ensign Peak.  Looking at the angel Moroni on top of the Temple, the impression was clear, their mission was to "help prepare each young woman to be worthy to make and keep sacred covenants and receive the ordinances of the temple."

Like BY and the first pioneers to climb the peak, they also waved a banner of their own.  They considered their banner, made of a gold Peruvian shawl, to be an ensign to all nations, a symbolic call for a return to virtue.


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Anonymous said...

It's funny you mention me - the last time I was in SLC (and we stayed at your place), we hiked Ensign Peak.

It looks like you ran into less mud than we did. :)