Monday, August 19, 2013

Melon's Baaaaaack

I got a camera and it really takes better pictures than my iPhone! So I'm starting up the blog again in response to my 2 followers demands.  Let's start off easy with the new family of Barn Swallows that moved into our porch in Lehi.

 I know quite a bit about Barn Swallows now, including that they are protected by law so don't mess with them!

Now, I have you sucked in with cute birds, kids, and grand kids!  Stay tuned for heavier stuff as we start touring again on the MELON TOURS!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Fun pictures.

Natalie Bean said...

Yes - you did suck me in.
Good for you 'beginning again' (I just read that phrase several times in the scriptures recently.)
A good example for we fellow travelers.

:) Natalie